a good little guy

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It’s a hard thing to lose a pet. Yesterday, Runny, our eldest degu, passed away. He was almost six years old. In those six years, that small little guy became a big part of our family. We’ve been looking after him for 24/7 these last two weeks and there was a point he seemed to really be improving, but he … Read More

these are those moments

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While I was not blogging: The Winter 2009 Griffin Catalog came out online! Cracked Up to Be is on page 21. Or 22. I’m not sure. It’s 22 for me, but then a friend told me it was 21. I feel this makes clicking the ‘download the PDF’ link all the more exciting, which you should do. Cracked Up to … Read More


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I’m getting a little tired of publicly declaring the failure to reach my writing goals. I’m just sayin’. So this is me NOT telling you that I’m going into fake radio silence for yet another week. Anyway, I’m making progress on my book, this is good. And something this fake radio silence has taught me is the value of using … Read More

the eye of the tigger

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I attempted to finish a book this weekend. Now I am attempting to finish a book this week. I have been chronicling my writing progress on twitter (at all times, you can trust that I am somewhere on the internet). Here are some of the highlights: courtney_s wow, this book is 156 pgs and 36k words! wow, it’s june 22. … Read More


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So I ordered a Flip Video, which I guess means I’ll be joining the ranks of the vlogging soon (like twitter, I blame this on the lovely Daisy Whitney). I’m excited about it even though I’ve decided I don’t really want to talk to the camera that much, discuss writing or show my face at all. Doomed for failure, that’s … Read More

my book cover let me show u it

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My lovely editor sent me an email that included the line, “feel free to put the cover up on your website if you’d like,” and I was like, “if I’d like?!” And then I was like, “!!!” and then I was like, “[replies to editor email],” and then I was like, “[resizes images in The Gimp].” Getting the cover has … Read More

amazon! pre-order! oh em gee!

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Thanks guys, for taking the time to give yer .02 on the photos here and the LJ feed*. The winner is I don’t know. But I will let you know! … Or will I? Of course I will. In other news: Cracked Up to Be is on amazon. I discovered this by typing ‘cracked up to be’ in the amazon … Read More



The funeral was yesterday and it was really beautiful. So many people came and said the same kind things, after sharing their disbelief–no one believed it–and it’s comforting to know that my grandfather was so much a part of this town, and the memories he leaves behind are good ones. I gave the eulogy–I couldn’t tell you how I did … Read More