I got an email last night that made me think maybe I should put something here. I haven’t been as on top of all of my internet things–blogging, commenting, returning friendly emails etc–as I usually am, or at least try to be, and I don’t know when this will change. In the last week, my grandfather, who means the world … Read More

blurbs for cracked up to be!

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I have blurbs for Cracked Up to Be! I’ve had blurbs for Cracked Up to Be! I FINALLY HAVE PERMISSION TO SHARE THE BLURBS FOR CRACKED UP TO BE!! I have been sitting on them for a few months. I am amazed I didn’t explode. It’s hard to wrap my head around blurbs. It’s completely and totally surreal when authors … Read More

brian was my favourite

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I do not even want to tell you about how many spiders that have attacked me since I last wrote. Twice in the shower! That’s all I will say. So as you all know, the abandoned draft of Your Mom was pretty much written to pinnacle songs from the nineties. I’ve decided the music is the reason why it failed … Read More

keeping it real


Today I was drinking some water and a BUG FLEW IN MY MOUTH. The bottle hadn’t reached my mouth quite yet, like it was just about there, and the bug saw its opportunity, I guess, and beelined for MY MOUTH so what happened was the water AND the bug WENT IN MY MOUTH!!! So I did what any reasonable person … Read More

a list

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News: 01. Copyedits for Cracked Up to Be are on their way! I’m looking forward to it but also I’m terrified. I have this irrational fear of copyedits because they seem so concise and mechanical and I don’t brush my hair if I can get away with it and wear Winnie the Pooh pajama pants outside and stuff so that’s … Read More

insert title here

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The problem with reaching 10,000 words quicker than you expect to is it gives you this illusion that you have the time to chill out. Like, oh yeh, I’m at 10,000 words, which is like 6 day’s worth of work so if I spend 5 of those days playing my SNES I won’t be behind on the book writing or … Read More

tomorrow is another day

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Me: I just took 300 photographs. Innocent Bystander: 300?! Me: Yeah! And the memory card wasn’t even full yet, I just got bored of pushing the remote button. Innocent Bystander: Wow. Me: Anyway, the point is, if one of these is not an author photo, I will cry. 30 minutes later Innocent Bystander: How goes it? Me: I am down … Read More

o frabjous day! callooh! callay!

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Your Mom v. 2.0 wordcount: 10,000 / 55,000(18.2%) I wrote 6,000 of those words (about 20 some pages), yesterday. I have to edit them all today and I will probably lose words in the editing but this is okay. I’m pretty sure that right thar is a new personal record and it feels GREAT. I even managed to write all … Read More

some small part of me thinks i did it on purpose


me: [tweeze tweeze tweeze] 5 minutes later me: I’m going to try to take some author photos now! innocent bystander: okay. me: okay. me: [shift] me: so… .. me: you can’t really see the missing part of my eyebrow, can you? innocent bystander: me: innocent bystander: me: innocent bystander: omfg. me: shut up! innocent bystander: you over-tweezed. me: only a … Read More