the oscars as a form of self-discipline

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God, I love Trailer Park Boys. That was an amazing weekend. Did you know that Ellen Page, of Juno fame, was in Trailer Park Boys? No? That she played Mr. Lahey’s daughter? No? Well, you do now. Did you know that at 4:30 pm, Sunday afternoon, I vowed I would not watch the Oscars because it was an extravagant waste … Read More

recharging, brb

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Today I woke up and I actually felt my brain leave my head. It was amazing. So I am spending the weekend with these guys: While I wait for it to return. “The thing with me is that I AM smart and I’m smelf–I’m self smarted, basically, by myself, basically from nature and smoking drugs and doing different things I’ve … Read More

cute but deadly

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Today is Family Day in Ontario. Happy Family Day! To celebrate, I watched an episode of A&E’s Intervention and bawled my eyes out. So I thought I had Your Mom’s title picked out but now I’m not so sure. It doesn’t really matter anyway, as I’m basically titling for my own personal satisfaction at this point. Actually, wait. I take … Read More

ask me what i’m working on!

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I’ve told very few people in person about Cracked Up to Be selling. It’s just turned out that way, mostly because I am a hermit writer. But it’s okay, see, because my parents have picked up my slack (they are sweet). Better still, apparently the people my parents are telling are picking up my slack as well! We found this … Read More

bb, never give up

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Discovery aired Super Comet yesterday and while it was no Super Volcano, it was basically great. It was about the complete and total devastation that would befall us should a really big comet ever hit the earth. It ultimately ended on an optimistic note that was more or less along the lines of, “You will likely die but the earth … Read More

watch out, hollywood


I’ve been thinking about my eyelids an awful lot these past two days. I’ve also had two conversations revolving around them, which isn’t really that amazing until you consider that they’re conversations about my eyelids. Not politics, religion or feminist issues but eyelids. Vanity, thy name is… It could be worse. I could be lamenting the size and shape of … Read More

happy new year!

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2007, whatta year. I’m grateful. Good wishes to all in 2008! PS: three reasons I’m looking forward to next year: Skin Deep by EM Crane Violet Raines Almost Got Struck By Lightning by Danette Haworth I Know It’s Over by CK Kelly Martin

zombie claus


I wrapped Christmas gifts today! I am kind of renowned in my family for my terrible wrapping skills. My presents all look fantastic from the front but from the back… yeah. And they don’t even look that great from the front either, if I’m being completely honest. Oh well. Everyone gets a kick out of it, mostly. Maybe not so … Read More



Danette tagged me for a List Five Random Things About Yourself meme, which is good because a blog-update was overdue and I seriously had no idea what to blog about. I almost blogged about walking to my Grandma’s to watch Survivor with her and having to turn around and go back home because it was too cold but I’m trying … Read More