So I maimed my finger on the edge of a tin can tonight. The amount of blood spurting from my index finger was incredible! And then my mom told me about a tin can incident with a family member that resulted in them losing SO MUCH BLOOD they lost consciousness and had to go to the hospital! So I guess … Read More



It snowed and rained and freezing rained yesterday. The sidewalks were crunchy and slushy at the same time. There was a point, earlier this month, where this gradual turn from fall to winter was exciting to me. Winter! An excuse to hibernate! Lovely! Crisp! Invigorating! Winter! I guess I forgot how cold it actually gets. Nuts to this season. I … Read More

that header will be AWESOME


So I have the plague! My sister is into graphic design, when she’s not doing awesome things in foreign countries. I’m enlisting her to make a spiffy new header for my domain. me: you can design my blog header and then I can be like BLOG HEADER BY MEGAN me: we can scratch each other’s backs so to speak. heh … Read More


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Well, Monday has set the tone for a pretty sad week. Our littlest budgie passed away yesterday night. It was a bit of a shock and needless to say, I want a do-over or a time machine. Pets are family here and it’s going to be weird not having him around. It already is. He had a big personality for … Read More



Yesterday the power went out in the early am, which meant the air conditioning didn’t work and I couldn’t check my email. Travesty!!1 I just thought I would share that. PS: That wonderful act of saving the fledgling mourning dove from the neighbour’s cat (who has taken up residence near a Spirea plant in our backyard) resulted in a million … Read More


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Matthew Good is playing a concert that is not impossibly far from where I live! Dare I make him my first ever concert-going experience? To be continued… So no one tell my sister but I’ve spent several nights being very sadface about her imminent departure. Tomorrow I’m going to latch onto her ankles and beg her to stay. My reasoning … Read More

and i’m a writer

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WHY is Tom Hanks’s character smiling at the end of Cast Away? Seriously, if I was Tom Hanks’s character in Cast Away, I’d just curl up into a ball and cry every day for the rest of my life after getting off that island. Damn. Which probably doesn’t say much about my coping skills. But still. WHY?! My sister and … Read More

courtney vs. a meme


So, you are probably all on the edge of your seats wondering if I popped the popcorn. Well, I DID. And then I did it AGAIN last night. It was awesome both times. In other news, I was so politely asked in comments to participate in a ‘List 8 facts about your life and tag other people to do the … Read More

or i’m unphotogenic

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I have this theory that proves itself to be true ALL THE TIME: People can’t take photographs of me to save their lives. Because they love me. I have a lot of Bad Pictures Taken by Other People under my belt. In fact, I hate getting my photograph taken by someone who even remotely loves me, because it prevents them … Read More