and now it begins


I’m heading up Christmas Eve Dinner, which means I’ve got to start cooking it today. Before I get elbow deep in ingredients and all that jazz, a safe Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all! Be back after the 25th!



Much to Mom’s dismay, I kind of accidentally caught a peek at one of my Christmas gifts. The Magic Bullet Blender, baby! I used to make a point to actually sit down and watch those damn infomercials and yearned, yearned, I tell you, for a Magic Bullet. Also, I loved how every thing they blended was in like, seven seconds … Read More

hug your country

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The 28th of this month marks the sixth anniversary of Pierre Trudeau’s death. For those not in the know, Trudeau was one of the most enigmatic Prime Ministers in Canadian History. He was voted into 3rd place during CBC’s Greatest Canadian–despite my better efforts to win him the title, sigh–and you’ll meet very few Canadians who respond indifferently when his … Read More