Happy Canada Day, Jason Vorhees!

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Happy Canada Day! Being Canadian, this day has some significance to me. I love Canada very much. My friend Lori posted this on her Facebook and I decided to steal it from her and share it with you because I don’t know how many of you know this about Canada (or at least, Eastern Ontario, which is where I’m from): … Read More

insert title here

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The problem with reaching 10,000 words quicker than you expect to is it gives you this illusion that you have the time to chill out. Like, oh yeh, I’m at 10,000 words, which is like 6 day’s worth of work so if I spend 5 of those days playing my SNES I won’t be behind on the book writing or … Read More

tomorrow is another day

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Me: I just took 300 photographs. Innocent Bystander: 300?! Me: Yeah! And the memory card wasn’t even full yet, I just got bored of pushing the remote button. Innocent Bystander: Wow. Me: Anyway, the point is, if one of these is not an author photo, I will cry. 30 minutes later Innocent Bystander: How goes it? Me: I am down … Read More

or i’m unphotogenic

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I have this theory that proves itself to be true ALL THE TIME: People can’t take photographs of me to save their lives. Because they love me. I have a lot of Bad Pictures Taken by Other People under my belt. In fact, I hate getting my photograph taken by someone who even remotely loves me, because it prevents them … Read More



Nikon D80. It’s so purty. And the in-camera photo effects… [dreamy sigh]