’s new look!

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GUYS! Welcome to the newly reschemed (that is my new favourite word)! Please take a look around, get acquainted with everything! I hope you love it as much as I do, because I absolutely love it. Once again the talent behind this hot new look was Dale Mugford and Duane Storey AKA the masterminds that run BraveNewCode. If you’ll … Read More

catchin’ up

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Wow! I know, I know. What else can I say. 5:30 am Monday morning, I sent off the latest (final? Fingers crossed!) round of revisions for Some Girls Are to my incredible editor and now I wait. It was a good round–my most favourite yet–but I am not even going to attempt a blog entry about the revision process until … Read More

a list

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News: 01. Copyedits for Cracked Up to Be are on their way! I’m looking forward to it but also I’m terrified. I have this irrational fear of copyedits because they seem so concise and mechanical and I don’t brush my hair if I can get away with it and wear Winnie the Pooh pajama pants outside and stuff so that’s … Read More

new layout


I wanted something unconventional. I think I like it! I’ve tested it in Firefox and IE6. If anyone sees any glaring errors on whatever they’re running, let me know. I’m confident I will have no idea how to fix them. Yay!

happy b-day, lori!

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If you do anything at all while you’re internet visiting this site, check out the entry title by clicking the date! Yay! I hunched over the table today and sketched out a volcano so I could change up the aesthetic of the blog a little and ta-da! Here we are. Besides the addition of a hand-drawn volcano, the bio section … Read More

i am so tortured

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I finally found that minimalistic yet compelling wordpress theme that has been alluding me since the dawn of time. Veryplaintxt theme, my heart belongs to you. And so does my website. Yeah, that’s right. New layout. But this one is for keeps. (Ladies and gentlemen, place yer bets!) So I went to the mall the other day, determined to spend … Read More


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I think I’ve done enough blog sprucing up that I don’t feel needlessly tortured by the way it looks every time I try to update, so that’s good. There is new content! If you click the ‘who?’ under the info section, you can find out more about who I am! And see my face! I can think of no better … Read More



Every time I manually upgrade wordpress, I have a minor heart attack. Fun times! Got the new Betty & Veronica digest with Betty & Veronica’s new look! Review pending.



I am so annoyed with how my headers look lately, I give you ghosts. I am sure this is a big no-no in Marketing Yourself On the Internet but until I find a font that Courtney Summers looks semi-decent in? GHOSTS.



You know it’s Monday when… You’ll probably notice an absence of entries and comments and links in my blog at the moment. I had to uninstall wordpress due to a problem that came about because of expired domain names and proceeded to have several unsuccessful reinstalls. One of the earlier re-installs managed to save all of my old entries and … Read More