Dani Noir Winners & Other Stuff

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First, many thanks to everyone who entered my Dani Noir contest! Not only am I thrilled at the number of people who are interested in this fab fab fab book, all of your answers were winningly Rita-esque. So winningly Rita-esque, in fact, I’m thrilled I didn’t have to judge them and pick an actual winner. Too hard! So after I … Read More

I <3 ricky

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Jonathan Penner’s myspace people left a ‘thanks for the add’ on my myspace, so I’m pretty sure that makes us BFFs because I am pretty sure that’s how myspace works. Myspace is a BFF machine. I now have so many BFFs, you guys, that I am fastly becoming the person Roy Orbison is singing about in the song Not Alone … Read More

competitive figure skating

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This is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen this week. If figure skating was like this all the time, I would watch it. All the time. WATCH THIS. YOU WILL LAUGH. IT IS AMAZING. Evgeni Plushenko skates to Tom Jones’s Sex Bomb: !!! I am so sad that I missed this when it happened. It must’ve been magic for all … Read More


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You guys are so great. And it is so hot out. Miserably hot. Earlier this evening, heat lightning was backlighting this monster cloud down the street and it was beautiful and terrifying. Anyway. Once you get crazy excited about getting an autoharp in a public forum, you get pretty much comfortable in all levels of your geekiness. So I feel … Read More

between writing

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1: What Claudia Wore (A look into the closet of Stoneybrook’s most fashion-forward babysitter) Kim tackles Claudia’s outfits with hilarious commentary: “Well, I guess after Dawn’s Big Date, Claud had to find a way to out-80’s New Dawn. Notice that she ripped off Dawn’s feather-earrings-in-the-same-ear style? Claudia is out for revenge. I can only picture her journal entries: ‘deer diare: … Read More