site relaunch & a signing, oh my!

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Hi! I am excited to welcome you to the new! If you are reading this on a feed, you should click over and check it out! It was put together by my brother-in-law, Jarrad Gunter, and the graphics were done by his wife (and my sister!) Megan. Jarrad got to hear all about my need for minimalism and white … Read More

go play your video games

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I’ve decided to modify my Blog Once a Month plan to Blog at Least Twice a Year. I’m sure I will find it just as impossible BUT time spent not blogging is time spent writing books, so there’s that! Also time spent not blogging is time spent playing video games and as it happens, I am going to blog about … Read More

This is Not a Test… the TV movie?

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Hello again! Two blog entries in the same month! Gasp! I will have to not blog in July just to make up for it. THIS IS NOT A TEST’s release week was really something else. I’m still reeling from it, all tired and content. I can’t express how grateful I am to everyone who celebrated it with me. Thank you! … Read More

this is not a test is out!

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Hello! I hope when people see how un-updated my blog is they assume it’s because I’m writing books. Lots and lots and lots of books. Or maybe just the same book for the last six months? But we’re not going to talk about that book. We are going to talk about this one! It is my zombie novel, THIS IS … Read More

THIS IS NOT A TEST book trailer reveal!

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EDIT, APRIL 10th: The winner of the THIS IS NOT A TEST arc is Patricia Karounos/@patriciakar! Thank you so much everyone who took the time to enter and who helped spread the word about TINAT and its trailer! I’m so grateful. And I’m sure this won’t be the last contest, so as always, stay tuned. :) I am about to … Read More

This is Not a Test ARC giveaway!

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Two signed ARCs of my zombie novel, THIS IS NOT A TEST, are up for grabs on my Facebook page! The giveaway is open internationally. Go here to find out what you have to do. (Spoiler: it is as easy as commenting on this status!). Contest ends February 24th. Spreading the word is greatly appreciated! This post is zombie approved: … Read More

all the rage (with a side of zombies)

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So here is some news that I have! My fifth book is going to be published! You can read about the deal in Publishers Weekly and also–thanks to the magic of copying and pasting–right here! Summers Goes High School Noir Sara Goodman at St. Martin’s Press took world English rights to a new YA thriller from her current author, Courtney … Read More

wanna read this is not a test?

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THIS IS NOT A TEST is available on Netgalley! Right here! This means if you’re a professional reader (which Netgalley defines as book reviewers, journalists, librarians, professors, booksellers and bloggers), you can request it and maybe you’ll get approved to read it six months before its official publication date in exchange for a review! So you should request it! I … Read More

raise your glass

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2011 was weird and painful. There is not a whole lot I want to say about it right now. Today first pass pages for THIS IS NOT A TEST arrived at my door. I went through and made my corrections, which is the last part of the process for me as an author. Next come ARCs, publication…. For my last … Read More

This is Not a Test… the cover!

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First, I’m so thrilled about the positive response THIS IS NOT A TEST has gotten since I announced it. Thank you, everyone! That was so nice. It was nervewracking revealing that it is a zombie book considering I am such a loud mouth about zombies. Anyways, in the announcement I said I was going to blog about why zombies and … Read More