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I have managed to sneak in a reference to The Discovery Channel and–AND!–volcanoes in Your Mom. I think I did it pretty subtly too, so basically I am pleased as punch right now. BASK! BASK IN THE GLOW OF MY SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT! Like so: me: *glows* you: *basks* And for those keeping track at home: YOUR MOM REFERENCES CHECKLIST … Read More

happy b-day, lori!

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If you do anything at all while you’re internet visiting this site, check out the entry title by clicking the date! Yay! I hunched over the table today and sketched out a volcano so I could change up the aesthetic of the blog a little and ta-da! Here we are. Besides the addition of a hand-drawn volcano, the bio section … Read More


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So I’m really into Tega & Sara which is strange, because for the last five or so years I thought they were just okay and couldn’t really warm to their voices and songs but then I listened to The Con like, 100 times in two days and now I’m completely hooked and I’ve ordered So Jealous and The Con from … Read More

it’s under yellowstone.

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Supervolcano came earlier this week, but it’s been so hectic I didn’t get to watch it straight away (gasp!). That was tough, I tell you. Last night, I had an amazing internal battle about whether or not I should watch it on my laptop or… write on my laptop. And then I realised I could watch it on television as … Read More

the volcanic winter of our discontent

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Sometimes I sit in front of the word document that is my novel feeling particularly woebegone and then I put on one of Dragonette’s songs and it’s like being born again a writer, which is all I really ask of the music I listen to. I’ve been reading up on volcanic winters! They are fascinating things. Did you know that … Read More



“Death for the people of Pompeii was not instantaneous. The first breath inhales hot gas, and ash causes the lungs to fill with fluid. It’s like swallowing fire. The second breath mixes the ash with the fluid, creating a wet cement in the lungs and windpipe. The third breath thickens the cement, causing the victims to gasp for breath and … Read More

note my new volcano cat


Supervolcano won’t be arriving until something like September. I’m Superpissed! (Truthfully, I’m vaguely annoyed but that doesn’t sound quite as awesome.) And it’s too bad too, because August seems like the perfect kind of month to watch a movie about the hypothetical explosion of Yellowstone Park. September is less about that and more about apple pies. I’m writing this entry … Read More


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Matthew Good is playing a concert that is not impossibly far from where I live! Dare I make him my first ever concert-going experience? To be continued… So no one tell my sister but I’ve spent several nights being very sadface about her imminent departure. Tomorrow I’m going to latch onto her ankles and beg her to stay. My reasoning … Read More

i am so tortured

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I finally found that minimalistic yet compelling wordpress theme that has been alluding me since the dawn of time. Veryplaintxt theme, my heart belongs to you. And so does my website. Yeah, that’s right. New layout. But this one is for keeps. (Ladies and gentlemen, place yer bets!) So I went to the mall the other day, determined to spend … Read More



The Discovery Channel store is practically giving their DVDs away, well some of them, so I am finally going to own Pompeii: The Last Day and Supervolcano. Eee! I’m especially excited about Supervolcano because in the event that Yellowstone explodes, I’d like to know what to do. And because Michael Riley is SUPER HOT in it. Okay, especially because Michael … Read More