if you’re never sorry

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Cracked Up to Be came out four years ago on December 23rd and January 5th will mark the third anniversary of Some Girls Are’s release. It is weird to think about that! Especially Cracked Up to Be. Cracked Up to Be is one of my more personal books but not in the sense I am Parker and we have done … Read More

go play your video games

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I’ve decided to modify my Blog Once a Month plan to Blog at Least Twice a Year. I’m sure I will find it just as impossible BUT time spent not blogging is time spent writing books, so there’s that! Also time spent not blogging is time spent playing video games and as it happens, I am going to blog about … Read More

the wsj thing

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This WSJ article. When the link first started showing up in my twitter feed, I was like, “Oh dear, another misinformed person saying dumb things about YA? This seems to be happening a lot lately.” Or, to paint a clearer picture, I was all like: Then I read the article. First I was all like: You know? Listening to my … Read More

on unlikeable female protagonists

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I’ve wanted to do a blog entry on writing unlikeable (why did I write ‘unlickable’ first?) female protagonists for a while now, because it’s something I get asked about with a surprising–to me–amount of frequency. The only problem was I wasn’t sure how I’d frame such an entry. How to Write an Unlikeable Female Protagonist? Uhm, that would be awfully … Read More

grief & writing

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My grandfather has this sweater he’d wear constantly. Blue with black patterning. It’s hard to conjure up a memory with him not wearing it. He had it so long, the wrists wore through and my grandma had to sew them up. After he died I asked if I could have it. I wear it sometimes. The last week of May … Read More

odds, ends & query letters

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I was looking through old back-up emails and found a notepad file full of notes and some deleted scenes from my Cracked Up to Be days. That always freaks me out and amuses me a little because it’s a bit trippy to see the scenes you were considering writing, didn’t, did or changed your mind about… or those little lines … Read More