You Aren’t the Book I Married Anymore

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Maybe you guys remember back in June when I wrote a blog entry about how the new book I was working on came to be? “Imagine A Book,” I called it, and I talked about how differently it was conceptualized than my other books and how I’d written a bunch of pages in a really short amount of time and … Read More


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Some Girls Are is now available for pre-order on amazon, and chapters! It looks like it’s coming out January 5th, 2010–the same day as Alyson Noel’s third installment in The Immortals series. Very cool! SGA was also listed in Publishers Weekly’s Spring 2010 Sneak Previews, along with quite a few other books I’m really looking forward to reading. Meanwhile, … Read More

Dani Noir Winners & Other Stuff

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First, many thanks to everyone who entered my Dani Noir contest! Not only am I thrilled at the number of people who are interested in this fab fab fab book, all of your answers were winningly Rita-esque. So winningly Rita-esque, in fact, I’m thrilled I didn’t have to judge them and pick an actual winner. Too hard! So after I … Read More

Imagine a Book

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I’m still hard at work on Book 3, which still doesn’t have an amusing working title for this blog (although GagaPants, as suggested by Emily, does have a certain irresistible quality about it), and while the love for the story remains, it is edging toward Getting Harder territory. Oh, progress! This is what Book 3 looks like so far: One … Read More

on being edited (and what I learned)

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I think I’ll dive into an entry about the editorial process for Some Girls Are while it’s still fresh in mind. I have this problem when it comes to the books I’ve written. If I don’t make note somewhere about how hard they were to write–because they’re all hard to write–I would never believe they gave me any problems at … Read More

how lady gaga will make you a better writer

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Look at this, you guys. LOOK AT THIS: I love this woman. Lady Gaga is my hero. I think she sets a fine example for the writing community. Speaking as an author, she has a played a large part in my career and my attitude toward my career. In fact, if you write and hope to make a career out … Read More

the revision process

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And so it begins again. That’s right: revisions! I’m cautiously optimistic that this will be the round that brings Some Girls together. THIS is IT. And I have to say my editor’s notes could pass as frameable art, guys. In a museum. I really love the way she thinks. She is genius at what she does and I adore working … Read More

on book titles

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I get meaningful spam subject lines in my inbox sometimes. Recent favourites include, but are not limited to: I miss you, come home Mad of your silence Remember 3rd grade? Where were you? Executioners as they Repair the past I almost think they could make fantastic book titles. Almost. Maybe with some slight modifications. I MISS YOU, COME HOME. MAD … Read More


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I can’t wait to get back to regular blogging. You know, where I update twice a week instead of maybe once! So revision is basically my life right now. I eat, sleep and breathe REVISION. Seriously. I eat next to my laptop, which is probably going to end horribly one of these days, and also I fell asleep in the … Read More