the eye of the tigger

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I attempted to finish a book this weekend. Now I am attempting to finish a book this week. I have been chronicling my writing progress on twitter (at all times, you can trust that I am somewhere on the internet). Here are some of the highlights: courtney_s wow, this book is 156 pgs and 36k words! wow, it’s june 22. … Read More

o frabjous day! callooh! callay!

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Your Mom v. 2.0 wordcount: 10,000 / 55,000(18.2%) I wrote 6,000 of those words (about 20 some pages), yesterday. I have to edit them all today and I will probably lose words in the editing but this is okay. I’m pretty sure that right thar is a new personal record and it feels GREAT. I even managed to write all … Read More

adventures in writing

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I hate when you have a hole on the inside of your coat pocket and the Bonne Bell lipgloss that cost you four dollars ($!) falls into the lining and you go weeks thinking you’ve lost it and then one day you can feel it in the lining of your coat and you’re like YES and then you tear the … Read More


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I think my novel has stopped unwriting itself which is good. Now I’m re-editing the first 100 pages of it (again) because I realized I’m going to have to add a character (!) and remove an emotional subplot. I would resent this less if I had realized it oh, I don’t know. A MONTH AGO. But I am not complaining. … Read More


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Have you ever worked on a book and have it become sort of amorphous? Like, you can’t get a sense of what it is? I don’t know. It’s sort of like writing in the dark, with no sense of your surroundings–where you were before, where you are now and where you hope to be. And the only solution is to … Read More

the oscars as a form of self-discipline

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God, I love Trailer Park Boys. That was an amazing weekend. Did you know that Ellen Page, of Juno fame, was in Trailer Park Boys? No? That she played Mr. Lahey’s daughter? No? Well, you do now. Did you know that at 4:30 pm, Sunday afternoon, I vowed I would not watch the Oscars because it was an extravagant waste … Read More

wordmaster c

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I have managed to sneak in a reference to The Discovery Channel and–AND!–volcanoes in Your Mom. I think I did it pretty subtly too, so basically I am pleased as punch right now. BASK! BASK IN THE GLOW OF MY SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT! Like so: me: *glows* you: *basks* And for those keeping track at home: YOUR MOM REFERENCES CHECKLIST … Read More