suddenly your mom makes sense

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I will always fondly look back at 2007 as the year I learned how to harmonize. So there is a plague running around and it finally caught me. I don’t see the point in having a blog if you can’t complain about being sick. I’m sick. Cry moan complain wail cough hack sniff gingerale wah. Anyway. You know what I … Read More

ask me what i’m working on!

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I’ve told very few people in person about Cracked Up to Be selling. It’s just turned out that way, mostly because I am a hermit writer. But it’s okay, see, because my parents have picked up my slack (they are sweet). Better still, apparently the people my parents are telling are picking up my slack as well! We found this … Read More

bb, never give up

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Discovery aired Super Comet yesterday and while it was no Super Volcano, it was basically great. It was about the complete and total devastation that would befall us should a really big comet ever hit the earth. It ultimately ended on an optimistic note that was more or less along the lines of, “You will likely die but the earth … Read More

movie making

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Over the weekend, I discovered Windows Movie Maker and attempted a book trailer for Cracked Up to Be. It was surprisingly easy and I am surprisingly happy with my first ever book trailer making effort! Except 2007 is a little too early to be all up in people’s youtubes about my novel, so I can’t show it to you. But … Read More


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So I finally printed off Cracked Up to Be and set it before my mother with a note on it that said READ ME SEYMOUR. It will be the first book of mine that she has read. So we will see how it goes. I guess she has to love it though, because she’s my mother. And I told her … Read More


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So I’m really into Tega & Sara which is strange, because for the last five or so years I thought they were just okay and couldn’t really warm to their voices and songs but then I listened to The Con like, 100 times in two days and now I’m completely hooked and I’ve ordered So Jealous and The Con from … Read More

bad courtney

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I’m in writing mode. My neglected blog, let me show you it! Truth be told, I did try to write an entry a bunch of times in the last week, but they all ended up being about how I bought The Invisible without even seeing it just because Justin Chatwin is hot and I couldn’t relate that in a way … Read More

my book, it sold!!!

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I didn’t realise how tough it could be to get really exciting news you can’t blog about until you get the okay–until I found myself on the receiving end of some really exciting news I couldn’t blog about until I got the okay. I’ve seen other people go through this and took note of the different ways in which they … Read More

i don’t cry on the inside


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, my writing process: me: type type type me: delete delete delete me: retype retype retype me: I wonder what this novel would look like in a different font. me: picks through fonts 1/2 an hour later: me: Wow, fonts suck! me: Times New Roman it is. me: Times New Roman in 11 pt. that is! Hah! Take … Read More

the volcanic winter of our discontent

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Sometimes I sit in front of the word document that is my novel feeling particularly woebegone and then I put on one of Dragonette’s songs and it’s like being born again a writer, which is all I really ask of the music I listen to. I’ve been reading up on volcanic winters! They are fascinating things. Did you know that … Read More