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Matthew Good is playing a concert that is not impossibly far from where I live! Dare I make him my first ever concert-going experience? To be continued… So no one tell my sister but I’ve spent several nights being very sadface about her imminent departure. Tomorrow I’m going to latch onto her ankles and beg her to stay. My reasoning … Read More

i am so tortured

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I finally found that minimalistic yet compelling wordpress theme that has been alluding me since the dawn of time. Veryplaintxt theme, my heart belongs to you. And so does my website. Yeah, that’s right. New layout. But this one is for keeps. (Ladies and gentlemen, place yer bets!) So I went to the mall the other day, determined to spend … Read More


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I wanted to segue into this real smooth-like somehow, but 20 minutes of staring at my laptop screen has proved it impossible, so I guess I’ll just have to come right out and say it: I HAVE A LITERARY AGENT, YOU GUYS! I got ‘the call’ on the 14th, but I didn’t want to say anything until after I had … Read More


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I think I’ve done enough blog sprucing up that I don’t feel needlessly tortured by the way it looks every time I try to update, so that’s good. There is new content! If you click the ‘who?’ under the info section, you can find out more about who I am! And see my face! I can think of no better … Read More

dear sens: win.


You can always tell when I’m between headers. When I reach a certain point in writing a novel–and it’s always near the end–I have to fight every word from my fingertips. It is such a hassle I actually get to the point where typing things like, say, blog entries is just TOO MUCH EXTRA WRITING so I don’t, lest my … Read More

yau man ftw

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I wanted Yau Man to win Survivor so bad. And he didn’t. And now I am sad. Week after week, I constantly expected him to get voted off. First for being older than the rest those fresh-faced 20somethings and finally for being so much more awesome than everyone in the entire world squared (in a game like Survivor these are … Read More

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Today I discovered googlereader and I. Am going to use it. Boo yeah. Okay, not discovered per se, because that sounds really sad. I’ve always known about it, I’m just way too happy with the bare minimum. Got my email? Check. Anything else is like sparkly feather boas. I understand the allure but I am too lazy to doll myself … Read More


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Bad Courtney! Bad blogger! Bad commenter! Apologies. I will be back on form soon. Have I mentioned how many people in my family have birthdays in April? Many. Including me this Wednesday! And I am determined to see if I can write 10,000 words before then since that would bring me to a grand total of 50,000 and how sweet … Read More



Just hit 26,000 words. 4,000 written in one sitting. I can’t feel my brain. I mean, I seriously don’t think it’s there anymore. *cries*

updates forthcoming


I am so painfully close to reaching 20,000 words, which is total yay, so it just figures I am having to FIGHT WITH EVERY SINGLE WORD TO GET THERE. Save me, Jebus! edit Just hit 20k! Take that, words!