it kills your brain


I’ve written 11,000 words in like, eight days. It’s not totally fast-drafting, but by golly I love this pseudo-approach so much I am going to marry it. And then my autoharp will get jealous and there will be a fight to the death! But I will prevent the death part just in time by being like, no autoharp, no pseudo … Read More

fast-draft like whoa


I love fast-drafting even though what I’m doing could be more aptly described as ‘faster-than-usual-drafting.’ Also, I haven’t quite mastered the whole ‘not looking back’ part of the equation but either way, there’s something seriously liberating about this approach. It’s like I’m being lead around by the nose by someone else to get from plot point to plot point which … Read More

breakdown pending


I’ve been trying my hands at this fast-draft approach to writing thingy that I’ve read about. If I’m interpreting all of my exhaustive internet research correctly, fast-drafting is writing like the wind without looking back, and if (when) you write yourself into corner you must write yourself out of it (in keeping with the ‘not looking back’ thing). Fast-drafting laughs … Read More

i’ll miss you, hibernation


So the weather is changing. Light is shifting and it’s not dark so early anymore. Do you know what this is causing me to do? Get up early against my will. It’s killing me! I got up so early (for me) that I’ll probably have to go to bed early (for me) tonight so now I’m sitting here trying to … Read More


courtneymovies, writing

Today the Trailer Park Boys movie came in the mail and I’m not going to let myself watch it until revisions are done. I ask that you all keep me in your thoughts during this extremely difficult time. Luckily revisions are nearly done and I think (!) the novel is much much better for them. I don’t know what will … Read More

horizon soon


Revision progress: 228/308ish pages I’m losing words and pages and adding them. The closer I get to finishing the more excited I get about trying for agents and all that jazz again soon and that’s a relief since it’s mostly been pen-to-eye and I was wondering if I’d ever feel excited about this one again. Phew. I was supposed to … Read More

your brain on autoharp

courtneymusic, writing

Revisions are so… I need a word here. Dry? Revisions are so dry, people. Dry work. After the initial excitement of I-am-strengthening-my-book-I-am wears off all that is left is DRYNESS. But I’m still plugging away. That in itself is largely thanks to my novel-in-progress, which is keeping me from revision related eye stabbing. I am getting progressively more excited about … Read More



I love love love it when, after struggling with words for ages, you realise it’s not that you’ve lost your ability to tell a story, it’s just that you’ve been telling the wrong one. It’s been two days and I am 2,000 words into a new WIP that’s been poking at my brain for the last week. That’s not much, … Read More

dum dum dum

courtneyfyi, writing

I am unplugging for the weekend starting today. Um, trying to anyway. And unplugging is a relative term, but let us not quibble. Basically, I want to take photographs and I want to reach 10,000 words in my novel before I let myself pick up my camera. The fact that every time I sit at my computer with the intent … Read More