the wsj thing

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This WSJ article. When the link first started showing up in my twitter feed, I was like, “Oh dear, another misinformed person saying dumb things about YA? This seems to be happening a lot lately.” Or, to paint a clearer picture, I was all like: Then I read the article. First I was all like: You know? Listening to my … Read More

An Interview with Mindi Scott

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Sorry for the delay in announcing the Freefall winner! Life has been super hectic. The winner of a copy of Freefall was Liz A., and she has been contacted for her prize. Thanks everyone, for entering! (There is an international giveaway at the end of this interview. I am just saying.) Internet, I have been looking forward to this book: … Read More

Introducing Daisy Whitney

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Daisy Whitney is a reporter, new media whiz, host and creator of the New Media Minute (which is not only carried on her site, but TVWeek and ABCNews, among many others), and with the sale of her debut novel–as I recently blogged–to Little Brown (in a two book deal!) she now adds ‘YA author’ to her resume. Two words: YAY, … Read More

The Winner of One Lonely Degree is…

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Wow! I should maybe not hold contests that end on Sundays. Who updates their blogs on Sunday? Not me, apparently! So, a day late (and a dollar short), I am pleased to announce the winner of C.K. Kelly Martin’s One Lonely Degree, by random number generation, is…. BRANDY! Brandy, I’ve emailed you. I hope you enjoy the book as much … Read More

book list lust

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Yesterday, I got an email from my editor that included these two words: “cover meeting.” OH, HOW MY HEART PITTER-PATTERED. I don’t think I’ll be seeing a cover for Some Girls Are like, tomorrow, or anything but I’ve flicked the cover-anticipation switch AWN. Eee. FYI, I updated my Novels page. It now includes a master list of reviews and interviews … Read More

interviews and guestblogs, oh my!

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You guys, I’m a part of the Winter Blog Blast Tour 2008! The Blog Blast Tours were created by Colleen Mondor (of the amazing Chasing Ray) in 2007 and feature author interviews at various blogs throughout the week. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Little Willow of Bildungsroman. You can read what we had to talk about here. … Read More

i’m so exciteeddd

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Phew. I am almost caught up on everything so I can guiltlessly neglect the internet for a week while I REVISE. I have a new guestblog up on The Swivet. It is basically an entry hating on The New Facebook disguised as an entry that includes a brief guide to social networking sites. Colleen is awesome for letting me use … Read More

an interview with C.K. Kelly Martin

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I have become one of those people that waves a book in another person’s face while loudly proclaiming, “THIS BOOK IS IMPORTANT!” But that is what happens when someone writes an Important Book, which is exactly what C.K. Kelly Martin did when she wrote I Know It’s Over, which is the book I have been waving in everyone’s face and … Read More

on book trailers

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I really like book trailers, and by like, I mean love. I heart them. Apparently some people DON’T heart book trailers, which I find fascinating, because it’s not like they attach themselves to your internet and render it useless until you’ve watched them through at least once. At least the ones I’ve watched haven’t (maybe I’ve just been lucky, though). … Read More