interview with em crane, author of skin deep

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If there is one book everyone should make sure–absolutely, positively, 100% sure–is on their bookshelves, it is Skin Deep by E.M. Crane. I’ve been excited for this novel since I first glimpsed its gorgeous cover but when I finally received my copy in the mail, shortly after it hit bookstores everywhere, I was in the thick of revisions and did … Read More

cover madness

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Everytime someone says something like, “I can’t wait to see your cover, Courtney!” I die a little inside. But in a good way. Everyone who has held a conversation with me for longer than five minutes knows I’m crazy excited about that far-off point in the future where I’ll get to see the face of my book. Add to the … Read More

mouth meet soap?

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I ran across this post by Lara M. Zeises, which touches on the use of the f-word (fuck) in novels. Some of the comments were interesting as well. It got me thinking. Unpublished novelist that I am–but still a writer. First I searched for the word fuck in my current work in progress, which is a contemporary YA. So far … Read More