if you’re never sorry

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Cracked Up to Be came out four years ago on December 23rd and January 5th will mark the third anniversary of Some Girls Are’s release. It is weird to think about that! Especially Cracked Up to Be. Cracked Up to Be is one of my more personal books but not in the sense I am Parker and we have done … Read More

Pumpkin Massacre

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I am eating roasted pumpkin seeds as I type this. YUM! Remember when I said there would be more Fall For Anything giveaways? And you guys called me a liar? Okay, that ‘liar’ part didn’t happen but it all works out because I wasn’t lying! St. Martin’s Press is giving away 24 copies of Fall for Anything on Goodreads right … Read More

on unlikeable female protagonists

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I’ve wanted to do a blog entry on writing unlikeable (why did I write ‘unlickable’ first?) female protagonists for a while now, because it’s something I get asked about with a surprising–to me–amount of frequency. The only problem was I wasn’t sure how I’d frame such an entry. How to Write an Unlikeable Female Protagonist? Uhm, that would be awfully … Read More

seeing the world (kinda)

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This is one of the coolest things that’s ever landed in my inbox. A few months ago, awesome reader Sarah D. was in China and sent me some photographs of Some Girls Are at The Great Wall. She kindly gave me permission to show ’em off on my blag, so without further ado: photos © Sarah D. How cool is … Read More

some things to know

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Last week totally got away from me! AND ALL THE REST ARE ABOUT TO. The winner of the Teri Hall giveaway was Jess and she was notified last week. Congrats, Jess! I hope you enjoy The Line as much as I did! And thanks to the rest of you for entering–I hope you’ll check the book out. It’s so worth … Read More