Agent Appreciation Day!

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Some Girls Are Video Teaser #6 contains a little friendly advice, especially for people named Regina: Every time I host a giveaway and people come out of the woodwork to enter it, I am thrilled. So before I announce who won my Some Girls Are ARC giveaway, I just want to thank each and every person who entered and expressed … Read More’s new look!

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GUYS! Welcome to the newly reschemed (that is my new favourite word)! Please take a look around, get acquainted with everything! I hope you love it as much as I do, because I absolutely love it. Once again the talent behind this hot new look was Dale Mugford and Duane Storey AKA the masterminds that run BraveNewCode. If you’ll … Read More

On Mean Girls & Writing Some Girls Are

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I’m giving away the first of four ARCs of SGA very soon. This particular giveaway will be on Facebook only. International entries are welcome. Future giveaways will be US & CAN only, so if you’re anywhere else in the world and want the book, you might want to get in on this! What you need to do: add the Facebook … Read More

Some Girls Are – Chapter 2 + Teasers, Up Now!

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In celebration of yesterday’s good news and the fact that I cannot think of one way to follow it up with an ordinary blog entry, I am releasing TWO teaser videos for Some Girls Are and THE SECOND CHAPTER instead today. Also in celebration I am using less segue to do it! Yay! Here is video teaser #2, entitled, “Hallowell … Read More

video teasers & bookshelves

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Yesterday, on Facebook and Twitter, I released the first of nine (NINE!) video teasers for Some Girls Are. Each teaser includes an audio snippet of the novel, as read by the amazing Kim Hutt, who gave her time and voice to make my mean girl narration come to life (thank you, Kim!). That audio is accompanied by some, well, visuals. … Read More

Some Girls Are – The Book Trailer!

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Oh hay, welcome to the INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE of the Some Girls Are BOOK TRAILER. Yes, I had to announce it that way. Had to! So I will not bore you with how excited I have been to put this up and unleash it upon the internets, so without further ado: I hope you like it! My minimalist heart had fun … Read More

The Winners Are…

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You guys, I can’t even tell you how heartened I am by the turn out for my giveaway! Heartened AND plagued by guilt. I wish I could’ve given an ARC to everyone and I’m not just saying that. I was raised Catholic and my guilt complex is a thing to behold (maybe it is part of the reason why I … Read More