Some Girls Are – Read the First Chapter!

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WOW! It seems the ARCs arriving on my doorstep really set the ball in motion. First, the ARCS. Then the cover reveal! And now, I got word today that I can now share with you… … The first chapter of Some Girls Are!!! St. Martin’s Press has put up a PDF extract on their page for the website. Go here … Read More

Some Girls Are – The Cover!

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Man, I LOVE checking my email and getting that one from my editor that says, “You can share your cover now!” And then I LOVE sending one back to her that basically says, “EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” And then I LOVE getting one back minutes later that says, “I thought that would make you happy!” People I may have bugged unrelenetlessly about showing … Read More

Some Girls Are ARC Giveaway!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Unless you’re in school, in which case it’s the lamest time of the year. Unless you LIKE school, in which case things sure have changed since I was that age. ANYWAYS. It’s the most wonderful time of year because today the UPS man came and handed me… Four! ARCs! Of! Some! Girls! … Read More

For Book Bloggers Interested in Some Girls Are…

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As of September 8th, 2009, the list of interested bloggers has been passed along to my publicist. From this point forward, if you are interested in a review copy of Some Girls Are, please contact my publicist directly. Her information can be found in the contact section. Thanks everyone, for getting in touch! NOTE: Please be aware, I can’t promise/guarantee … Read More

Vampires Are Ridiculous

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I haven’t updated my blog because I’m afraid the day after I do, I’ll get the go ahead to share my cover, and then the blog entry I wrote before that moment will be lost to my cover reveal forever. And it takes me FOREVER to write these things, you guys! BUT THEN I was like, maybe I won’t get … Read More

True Romance

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I got an email from my editor saying first pass pages were on their way! Which means I get to see what the pages of Some Girls Are will look like and make any last changes for the finished copies. The cover reveal and ARCS have yet to happen, but it’s crazy to think how close January 2010 is! I … Read More

o hai

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I know, I know. Bad blogger. I’m dealing with an unexpected event right now and it’s an ongoing thing. No worries, but I’ve had and have to prioritize accordingly. Life, dudes. Life. I’ve spent the majority of this week trying to get back on the ball. So far getting back on the ball has involved copying and pasting all the … Read More


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Some Girls Are is now available for pre-order on amazon, and chapters! It looks like it’s coming out January 5th, 2010–the same day as Alyson Noel’s third installment in The Immortals series. Very cool! SGA was also listed in Publishers Weekly’s Spring 2010 Sneak Previews, along with quite a few other books I’m really looking forward to reading. Meanwhile, … Read More

better than ray-bans

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I have the best blog readers ever! Not too long ago, reader Melissa sent me a link to a Slate article about Lady Gaga. It’s called How Smart is Lady Gaga? and it’s a great read because it articulates why Lady Gaga is a genius better than I ever could. I agree with a lot of it, except for the … Read More