on being edited (and what I learned)

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I think I’ll dive into an entry about the editorial process for Some Girls Are while it’s still fresh in mind. I have this problem when it comes to the books I’ve written. If I don’t make note somewhere about how hard they were to write–because they’re all hard to write–I would never believe they gave me any problems at … Read More

catchin’ up

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Wow! I know, I know. What else can I say. 5:30 am Monday morning, I sent off the latest (final? Fingers crossed!) round of revisions for Some Girls Are to my incredible editor and now I wait. It was a good round–my most favourite yet–but I am not even going to attempt a blog entry about the revision process until … Read More

the revision process

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And so it begins again. That’s right: revisions! I’m cautiously optimistic that this will be the round that brings Some Girls together. THIS is IT. And I have to say my editor’s notes could pass as frameable art, guys. In a museum. I really love the way she thinks. She is genius at what she does and I adore working … Read More

on book titles

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I get meaningful spam subject lines in my inbox sometimes. Recent favourites include, but are not limited to: I miss you, come home Mad of your silence Remember 3rd grade? Where were you? Executioners as they Repair the past I almost think they could make fantastic book titles. Almost. Maybe with some slight modifications. I MISS YOU, COME HOME. MAD … Read More

just dance

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So I got my second editorial letter for Some Girls Are last week and I’m on a considerably tighter deadline than before. And now you know what killed my return to regular blogging! I am on such a tight deadline, you guys, I technically don’t even have time to write this entry to tell you that but since I spent … Read More

book list lust

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Yesterday, I got an email from my editor that included these two words: “cover meeting.” OH, HOW MY HEART PITTER-PATTERED. I don’t think I’ll be seeing a cover for Some Girls Are like, tomorrow, or anything but I’ve flicked the cover-anticipation switch AWN. Eee. FYI, I updated my Novels page. It now includes a master list of reviews and interviews … Read More

aah it’s an entry

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Hi, guys! That gif has nothing to do with anything. I’ve just been waiting forever to use it since I ganked it from a comment thread on ohnotheydidnt. Incidentally, that is the part of the movie I laughed REALLY LOUDLY at in the theatre that no one else did. I still don’t understand what’s not funny about Bella falling down. … Read More

let it snow

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I know, I know. Bad blogger. In case the lack of my DEADLINE = PWNED post didn’t tip you off, I did not actually pwn my deadline and now I have a whole new deadline to pwn! Since my last post, news has quietly and softly been accumulating, much like the snow outside my window. Here goes: My latest guestblog … Read More