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I can’t wait to get back to regular blogging. You know, where I update twice a week instead of maybe once! So revision is basically my life right now. I eat, sleep and breathe REVISION. Seriously. I eat next to my laptop, which is probably going to end horribly one of these days, and also I fell asleep in the … Read More

i’m so exciteeddd

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Phew. I am almost caught up on everything so I can guiltlessly neglect the internet for a week while I REVISE. I have a new guestblog up on The Swivet. It is basically an entry hating on The New Facebook disguised as an entry that includes a brief guide to social networking sites. Colleen is awesome for letting me use … Read More

RIP pumpkin

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My pumpkin exploded. LAME. I was like, “You couldn’t have at least exploded in front of or at/on Trick-or-Treaters?” And it was like, “[exploded].” It is too late to buy a replacement pumkin, which is LAMER. Luckily, I am too distracted to be completely annoyed by this. What am I distracted by? The twelve page revision letter I got for … Read More

win a copy of cracked up to be!

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The ADVANCE UNCORRECTED PROOFS for Cracked Up to Be came in the mail today! They were sent off on Thursday, and then I had to endure an entire weekend AND a civic holiday waiting for them to come while my editor and my agent told me how great they looked and I was like, “IS IT TUESDAY YET?” And then … Read More

these are those moments

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While I was not blogging: The Winter 2009 Griffin Catalog came out online! Cracked Up to Be is on page 21. Or 22. I’m not sure. It’s 22 for me, but then a friend told me it was 21. I feel this makes clicking the ‘download the PDF’ link all the more exciting, which you should do. Cracked Up to … Read More


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I’m getting a little tired of publicly declaring the failure to reach my writing goals. I’m just sayin’. So this is me NOT telling you that I’m going into fake radio silence for yet another week. Anyway, I’m making progress on my book, this is good. And something this fake radio silence has taught me is the value of using … Read More

the eye of the tigger

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I attempted to finish a book this weekend. Now I am attempting to finish a book this week. I have been chronicling my writing progress on twitter (at all times, you can trust that I am somewhere on the internet). Here are some of the highlights: courtney_s wow, this book is 156 pgs and 36k words! wow, it’s june 22. … Read More

brian was my favourite

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I do not even want to tell you about how many spiders that have attacked me since I last wrote. Twice in the shower! That’s all I will say. So as you all know, the abandoned draft of Your Mom was pretty much written to pinnacle songs from the nineties. I’ve decided the music is the reason why it failed … Read More