Work & rights inquiries:
Amy Tipton, Signature Literary

Publicity & review copy requests:
Michelle Cashman, St. Martin’s Press

Until further notice, I am unable to consider blurb requests.
I am unable to take participate in blog celebrations or interviews until early 2016.
I do not respond to Twitter DMs, Facebook or Goodreads messages. Any requests or inquiries should be emailed.
If you are unable to use the contact form, email directly: courtney(AT)courtneysummers(DOT)ca

Please use the form below to contact me. My response time varies depending on my workload and can range from days to months. I love to hear from my readers and I do my best to reply to everyone who takes the time to write. If you have a question, check the FAQ and my Tumblr Q&As first; you might find what you’re looking for there.

Please read the following contact policies before emailing to ensure you receive a reply. If you are a reviewer, please send review copy requests to my publisher. All requests for free books will be deleted without reply. I do not currently send out bookplates or bookmarks upon request and those emails will also be deleted without reply. Do not send me short stories/novels/writing samples. I cannot read them for legal reasons and those emails will be deleted unread and without reply. If you would like to ask me something but wish to remain anonymous, you can use my Tumblr ask box but be aware I reply to all anonymous and non-anonymous messages publicly.

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