Until further notice, I am unable to consider blurb requests and cannot guarantee my availability for blog interviews.

work & rights inquiries:

Amy Tipton, Signature Literary
amy @ signaturelit . com

publicity & review copy requests:

Michelle Cashman, St. Martin’s Press
publicity @ stmartins . com

Contact Policies

I will no longer reply to people who disregard my contact policies.

If you want to contact me anonymously, you can use my Tumblr ask box but be aware I reply to all messages publicly. If you are a reviewer, please send review copy requests to my publisher. I do not send out free books upon request. I do not currently send out bookplates or bookmarks upon request. I am unable to do interviews for school projects. Do not send me your writing samples. I can’t read them for legal reasons. If you have a specific question relating to my books (sequels, availability) or writing process, check the FAQ and my Tumblr Q&As first; you might find what you’re looking for there. I love to hear from readers and do my best to reply to everyone who writes to me. My response time can range from days to months, depending on my workload.