The Unity Project . . .

After a tragic accident kills most of her family, Bea Denham is determined not to lose the one thing she has left: her little sister, Lo. But Lo's injuries are catastrophic and nothing short of a miracle can save her now. When Bea's desperate pleas fall on Lev Warren, the charismatic spiritual leader of The Unity Project, he knows he can help. All Bea has to do is believe . . .

Stole my sister

Lo awakes in the ICU to find her parents are dead and her sister has joined The Unity Project, abandoning Lo in the care of their great aunt. The more Lo learns, the more she's convinced the beloved group is hiding sinister secrets. If only she could make Bea believe . . .

Murdered my son.

Years later, when a man claims The Unity Project killed his son, Lo sees the perfect opportunity to expose the group and finally reunite with Bea. But her investigation will put her in the direct path of Lev Warren . . . and he will make her question everything she thought she knew to be true, and all that she believes . . .

Saved my life.

Are you ready to belong?

“This book is brave and raw and exciting and wise—wise about girls and women, weakness and strength, and the bittersweet beauty of being human.” — Melissa Albert, New York Times bestselling author of The Hazel Wood series

“Masterful and devastating. The Project welcomes you into its world with the warmth of a minister and peels back the psychology of its characters—joiners and questioners alike—with a precision only Courtney Summers is capable of. Trust me: there is no flaw in The Project.” — Somaiya Daud, international bestselling author of Mirage and Court of Lions

“Courtney Summers has done it again: Broke my heart and pieced it back together in unexpected ways. The Project is a beautiful, thrilling testament to love. It takes a compelling deep dive into what makes people want to belong and you'll leave it gasping for air. This book is a baptism for your soul.” — Maurene Goo, author of Somewhere Only We Know

“Completely electrifying from start to finish—I can’t think of another writer who takes the risks Courtney Summers does and sticks the landing every single time.” — Kara Thomas, author of The Cheerleaders

“Courtney Summers has, once again, written a devastatingly perfect novel. The Project will charm you, thrill you, and ultimately gut you, all while challenging every preconceived notion you had about cults and our relationship with them.” — Kaitlin Ward, author of Girl in a Bad Place and Lie to Me